George Cadell's Metal Sculpture
at The Pat Waymon Gallery

georgeHaving established himself as a painter, George turned to sculpture about thirty years ago in search of ways to express those feelings that could not be expressed in his two dimensional work.

He likes to work in welded steel and bronze, depending on the piece and what he feels needs to be expressed. In welded steel he attempts to bring out a sense of movement and form that almost goes against the nature of the material and it's rigidity. In his representation of nature he attempt to bring the piece to life, not so much with extreme realism, but with movements and interest created by superimposing almost hidden areas into the piece that supports his theme.

He believes that all worthwhile pieces in art must communicate the artist's feelings to the viewer.  It's very important for the artist to receive personal satisfaction from his own involvement's in his work, but George says his greatest thrill of accomplishment  is when a piece of his work communicates  to the viewer almost the exact feelings and thoughts that inspired the piece, without their knowing the sculptor or his motives.

george cadell

george cadell

george cadell george cadell


george cadell

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